About me

Hi, I’m Tanja Vanessa,

I may not know what led you to my page, but I firmly believe that there are no coincidences in life.

Perhaps you are seeking answers.
Maybe you want to unravel the reasons behind the way things are.
Why people behave the way they do.
Why YOU act the way you do.
And why YOUR thoughts take the shape they do.

I understand because I have been one of those individuals. Since the age of 3, my favorite question has always been «Why?» Trust me, this word/question has gotten me into trouble countless times, but it has also led me on a remarkable personal journey, which brings me to write these words today. Later on, I discovered that I am a questioner, as described in Gretchen Rubin’s book «The Four Tendencies.» That revelation made me feel a bit better! 😉

My personal story

I have always been an observer, a curious soul who loves to learn and understand the mysteries of life. From a very young age, I embarked on a quest to figure out why I was sent to this earth. I asked countless questions, only to discover that most people in my life didn’t have the answers I sought. So, I took it upon myself to unravel the enigma called life.

Looking for answers on my travels

Since I was 15 years old, I have been traveling, mostly alone. Traveling served as therapy for me, enabling me to learn so much about the world and myself, ultimately shaping my character into what it is today. However, after more than 12 years of exploration, I came to the realization that traveling no longer provided me with the fulfillment it once did.

It was during this realization that I understood I had been seeking answers to my questions externally. In other words, I was essentially running away, using travel as a means of distraction. I was avoiding the true introspection that needed to take place beneath the surface.

And so, I embarked on another journey—a journey within.

Oh, how much I had to confront and clean up! At times, it was incredibly painful, but the rewards were equally immense. Along my inner journey, I encountered incredible teachers who guided me to the answers I sought. I overcame personal obstacles, made the decision to move away from Switzerland and spend several years in the Netherlands. I healed myself from chronic pain and health issues. I discovered yoga and deepened my spirituality. I adopted a nourishing and healthy diet, caring for both my body and emotional well-being.

I also made the decision to become a certified mental coach in 2019. In 2021 I graduated. Slightly after, a healing practise called Reiki found me on my travels in Ecuador. In 2023 I became a Reiki Master and in October 2023 I became an AKAWA facilitator which changed everything. 

If you have read this entire text thus far, I believe you may find some answers for yourself within these words.

So, enjoy and find inspiration! I am always happy to connect with you on Instagram.

And always remember: You are the creator of your life!

With much love,
Tanja Vanessa

© Tanja Kühne 2023

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