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Personal session

Join a personal private 1:1 session to surrender into a deep personal transformation.

Group sessions

Participate in either online or in-person group sessions.

All sessions you will find listed on my instagram account @akawa_by_tanjavanessa

What is AKAWA?

Accelerated Kundalini Awakening connects us to the field. The energy flows through our bodies and frees us from stagnant energies, and thoughts that we no longer need. It lets us feel suppressed emotions so that we can let them go. It’s an energetic cleansing. Or a path to remember. The energy of the field will only give you what you are capable of feeling or processing. It’s a safe and loving energy.


What is so special about AKAWA?

AKAWA is unique because it goes beyond just using energy; it aims to reconnect you with your divine self. It’s an accelerated Kundalini awakening, which means a heightened awareness of the divine within. The special part is the journey it offers—one filled with love.

What happens during an online session?

We will meet on Zoom. You lie on a mat in the comfort of your home. You close your eyes and that is all. You can just let go. You relax.

I will be playing music for about 1 hour. The music is there to support you in your process. Some songs might trigger you and with some, you can let go.

Every single session is different for everyone. In this one hour, you can just lay there and be still. Or it can happen (mostly not in the first few sessions) that your body is moving, that you are making sounds, that you see colors and so on, just let it. Don’t try to interfere, don’t think too much about it. And don’t freak out, it’s completely normal. If the session is too much or you want to get out of it just open your eyes.

It can also happen that you lie still for 1 hour but you have an intense internal process. Just welcome everything and don’t force anything.

How you can prepare yourself for a session:

The following are recommendations to help you support yourself in your process. 24 hours before a session don’t consume any alcohol, lots of meat, heavy meals, drugs, or medication (only if you really need them). Make sure you can be in a room without interruption. And try to create a safe space where you could eventually be moving around.

When are you NOT allowed to participate in a session?

  • if you are using drugs
  • if you are taking strong medication for your body or for your mental health
  • if you are under psychiatric treatment
  • with epilepsy
  • pregnancy from the 4th month

How much does it cost and how can I pay?

Online sessions are 35 CHF (Swiss francs) for the whole duration of about 1.5 h

Please pay via TWINT 079 533 29 24 or PayPal @tanjakuehne14 (sending it to a friend to save fees) mentioning your Name and date of the session, you can also transfer the money via bank account (ask me for my bank details)

Contact me for more information!

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