Top 10 things to do in Lauterbrunnen

There’s a lot to do in the Lauterbrunnen area. Here you have a short summary of what you can expect from this magical place in the Swiss Alps. Enjoy!

1. Hike up the viewing platform behind the Staubbach Fall

The Staubbach Fall is a 297-meter high waterfall and THE attraction of Lauterbrunnen. It is among the top three of Switzerland’s highest waterfalls. Going up will take about 10 minutes. It is free and easily accessible. Just make sure you are wearing a waterproof rain jacket and some good shoes as it can get quite slippery.

2. Walk along the Lauterbrunnen valley trail

You will love the walk along the incredible valley of the 72 waterfalls. I highly recommend you to walk towards the direction of Stechelberg. On the way, you decide to either visit the Trümmelbach Falls or to continue your way up to Stechelberg. It will take you around 45 minutes to get to the Trümmelbach Falls and approximately 1 hour to Stechelberg where you can take the cable car up to Gimmelwald, Mürren, Birg or the Schilthorn. This walk is totally family-friendly and suitable for everyone, normal sneakers will do the job but don’t forget to apply some toxic-free sunscreen as you will be exposed to the sun almost the whole trail.

3. Discover the stunning Trümmelbach Falls

The Trümmelbach Falls are really special, I have never seen such a thing and didn’t know it existed in Switzerland (and I am Swiss 😉 ). Little did I know what to expect but I got positively surprised. The Trümmelbach Falls are 10 roaring falls inside a mountain. They collect the melting glacial waters of the mountains Eiger (3970m), Mönch (4099m) and Jungfrau (4158m) with up to 20,000 litres of water per second (it will get loud inside 😉 ). Every 10 minutes you can take the steep elevator ride up to the top or you can decide to walk up the many stairs. The walkways can be pretty slippery and you can get wet, so be careful but still enjoy! 🙂

The entry fee is 11 Francs for adults.

Useful information:

Depending on the weather conditions, the Trümmelbach Falls are open daily from 9 am to 5 pm from the beginning of April to the beginning of November, in July and August from 8.30 am to 6 pm. (please check their page yourself before going there, opening times might change)

Entrance fees:
Single adult person: CHF 11.00
Single person child, from 6 to 15 years: CHF 4.00
Group prices from 10 persons on request.

4. Get on the train up to Wengen

Take the train from Lauterbrunnen to Wengen and enjoy this beautiful train ride. In Wengen an incredible view over the whole Lauterbrunnen valley awaits you. In Wengen you will have many options to discover the surrounding area and go on different hikes. Alternatively, you might decide to walk the short but steep trail from Lauterbrunnen up to Wengen. Definitely worth the breathtaking views!

For train departures and prices check out the SBB page.

5. Catch the cable car from Wengen to Männlichen and walk down to the Kleine Scheidegg

Well, words can’t describe this pretty walk! Just make sure to bring some water, little snacks and some good hiking shoes – and don’t forget your natural sun screen! And now, let the pictures speak for themselves.

6. Enjoy the tasty Swiss food with a stunning mountain view

There are many restaurants in the Jungfrau Joch Area to choose from. Here is a list of my favourites:

  • Weidstübli, Lauterbrunnen
  • Restaurant Steinbock, Lauterbrunnen
  • Airtime Cafe, Lauterbrunnen
  • Mountain Hostel, Gimmelwald
  • Hotel Bellevue, Mürren
  • Berghaus Grindelwaldblick, Kleine Scheidegg

7. Take the mandatory Instagram photo spot picture

I have to admit that I get my travel inspiration mainly from Instagram and Pinterest. Those influencers really influenced me 😉 haha, anyway, so I found the perfect spot to take your instagrammable picture of Lauterbrunnen. Have fun doing that shoot!

PS: Best time to shoot is early in the moring or around 4 pm / 5 pm due to the sun. (of course depending on the season, I was there in the end of October)

8. Visit Gimmelwald and pay a visit at the Mountain Hostel

Take the cable car from Stechelberg up to Gimmelwald. Right at the exit on the left side you find the lovely Mountain Hostel. Stop here for your lunch break and eat a tasty pizza or enjoy a drink. The Mountain Hostel is also an excellent place to spend the night. Enjoy a drink and listen to some amazing concerts with a stunning mountain view. Greet the lovely owner Janine Wenger from me! 🙂

9. Stroll through the pretty town of Mürren

After visiting Gimmelwald it’s just a short way up to the pretty town of Mürren. I was truely fascinated by the typical Bernese houses and the small alleys and of course the breathtaking view down the valley and the Eiger moutain. What a picturesque place! Check out Hotel Bellevue for some tasty food, it might seem old fashioned but the food is excellent!

In Mürren you will notice lots of young guys carrying parachutes on their backs. These guys are so-called «base jumpers». They jump from the edge of a mountain cliff into the valley of Lauterbrunnen and fly as long as they can until they open their parachute. There have been many accidents and many deaths in this valley already, it’s a dangerous sport but somehow also fascinating. Find more information about base jumping in Lauterbrunnen here.

10. Visit the Schilthorn

Shoutout to all James Bond fans! Take the cable car from Mürren up to Schilthorn to the top of the mountain Piz Gloria, where they filmed one of the first James Bond movies. Enjoy the view from the restaurant and check out the James Bond trail. Up there you enjoy an incredible 360-degree view of the alps and the famous mountain group Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

I actually haven’t planned to go up there but somehow I ended up around 4 pm on an empty terrasse on the Schilthorn. Normally the terrasse would be full with tourist from all over the world but I had the whole place for myself. Quite crazy, right?

I hope this short summary of what to see in Lauterbrunnen was helpful to you. If yes, I am happy about every comment. Also, let me know about your discoveries in the wonderful Jungfraujoch area. Always happy about some cool travel tips! You can follow me on my adventures on my Instagram account where you get lots of tips and impulses about slow travel, spirituality and personal development.

Thanks for reading.

Have a wonderful day!

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