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Discover your individual energetic blueprint and transform your life!


What is the Human Design System?

Human Design is a channeled system that shows us our energetic aura we came into this world with. By discovering our unique Human Design chart we know how to use our natural energy the most powerful here.

Where does the Human Design System come from?

A man named Ra Uru Hu brought it into the world in 1987, and more and more people are discovering it for themselves these days.

What is so special about the Human Design System?

The Human Design System shows us how to best make choices and how to best navigate our way through this world with our individual energy.

Human Design combines the following wisdom into one system:

  • Astrology
  • Kabbalah
  • The Chakra System
  • I-Ching
  • and Quantum Mechanics

For me, however, the Human Design System is one thing above all – a tool that helps me to recognize and accept myself and with which I am allowed to experiment.

Do you also want to recognize yourself and learn how to best navigate through this life?

Then you are welcome to book a Human Design Reading with me.

Always remember:

The Human Design System is a tool you can experiment with. Knowing your design and what it means is one thing, but you won’t understand your own energy until you experiment with your strategy and authority. I support you in this.

Align by design!

Human Design Readings

TASTE YOUR DESIGN – Human Design Exploration

Book your 1:1 Human Design Reading and explore what kind of energy you bring into this world.

What’s included:

  • Analysis of your personal Human Design chart
  • Discussion of your energy type, your strategy and authority
  • One reading à 25 minutes
  • Online via Zoom

Energy exchange:
CHF 95 / USD 95*

*the invoice will be stated in CHF / all taxes etc. are already included in the price


THE FOUNDATION – Human Design Reading

This reading is the best way to start your Human Design journey! You will get hand on tipps in how to use your energy in your daily life according to your unique design.

We talk about your type, your authority, your strategy and your defined & undefinded centers, your channels and your profile.

What’s included:

  • Analysis of your personal Human Design chart
  • Discussion of your energy type, your strategy, authority, profile, and defined/undefined centers
  • Practical tips on how to live with your energy
  • One reading à 75 minutes
  • Online via Zoom
  • You’ll receive the video recording and an extensive pdf hand out after our session

Energy exchange:
CHF 222 / USD 222*

*the invoice will be stated in CHF / all taxes etc. are already included in the price

Human Design Coaching

More about me

Human Design changed my life.

Human Design Coaching

You can book this follow-up session after you had your first Human Design reading. This session helps you to decondition from limiting or damaging behavior patterns.

We talk about your authority and strategy using your real life examples and experiences. I will give you mental and spiritual tools that will help you to decondition.

What we will cover:

  • You learn mental & spiritual tools for your deconditioning
  • Discovering & transformation of negative limiting beliefs
  • Going deep into your undefined centers & how you use them for you
  • Reflection of daily situations and your reactions
  • One session = 75 minutes
  • Online via Zoom

Energy exchange:
CHF 195 / USD 195*

*the invoice will be stated in CHF / all taxes etc. are already included in the price


Agnes M.

"Tanja opened up my eyes to Human Design (HD) and I am so grateful for learning more about how I can help myself to listen to my body and operate better in this world! I had an hours chat with Tanja, and we went through my chart. It was extremely interesting and during the full hour, I had so many AHA-moments that it was almost unreal. Tanja has a gracious, positive and dynamic approach, she is a good listener and really knows her subject well. I highly recommend a session with her!"

Eva L.

"In the Human Design Reading with Tanja I learned how I should listen to my intuition, what strategies work well for me. I got so curious that I would love to learn more! HD is so interesting and I recommend booking an hour with Tanja if you want to learn more about yourself and how you operate. Thanks again!"


"Thank you so much, Tanja! I really loved the Human Design reading that we did together and it truly, truly helped me understand myself and my surrounding much better. And the most important message I got from the reading was: It is ok to be you! I think that was exactly what I needed at that moment. Also thank you for all your amazing tips and tricks on how to apply my energy. It has really helped me get through the past weeks that were really tough and I cherish the input from our reading not just now but also in the future. Thank you for your support and help!"

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